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Innocubes by YES!Delft creates the best conditions for corporates and public organizations- whichever stage of innovation they are in - to solve their unsolvable problems with innovative tech.

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Board Sessions

The experienced Innocubes team will lead you through the process of identification and specification of issues, aggregating them into clearly defined challenges. From there, you will get the knowledge and guidance to formulate a comprehensive innovation strategy that fits your business.

Master Classes

Innocubes offers specialized masterclasses by experienced innovators and serial tech entrepreneurs. In these masterclasses, they help you analyze your innovation potential and bring it to operation by building your innovation process with an explicit focus on measurable results.


Innocubes offers support in organizing a hackathon tailored to your needs. We scout teams of engineering students and startups to compete in your hackathon and take care of the logistics of the program.


Innocubes will help you find the startups that have a cutting edge solution for your problem. After a 3 to 8 weeks scouting period and selection, the chosen startups pitch their product-market fit, and the most promising solutions for you will be helped in implementing a pilot with you.


When innovating, it is key to understand the context in which you are operating. Landscaping creates a 360-radar view of the landscape, so you understand which technologies are being developed, and how mature the startups are in your field of interest.

Validation Lab

In a 10-week YES!Delft program where you will talk to 100+ potential customers, startups and corporate teams discover and validate their product-market fit and value proposition. Validation Labs come with its ecosystem of mentors and partners to help you maximize your success.


TechLab gives corporates unique access to academic and entrepreneurial research knowledge to get from idea to a validated working prototype in 6 months to solve ”unsolvable” problems. Our entrepreneurial mindset ensures we take care of the business side as well


After a techlab, hackathon or Startup Challenge, a pilot to test the innovation in the right context is the logical next step. Our team will help you setting up the pilot, determine the right conditions and draft the contracts. We keep our eyes on the process to ensure any follow-up when needed.


The premium YES!Delft brand. With short, powerful interventions, an experienced team of entrepreneurs will use pressure cooker coaching sessions or other means to get your corporate startup to the next level or solve another highly strategic problem. No reports, just results.


To accelerate innovation from the inside YES!Ventures supports the building of internal startups and teams that drive cutting edge technology and help to grow it into new ventures. We help you set up a team, guide you through the validation of your business model, finding your product-market fit, and support you in finding funding.


We help you build your corporate or public organization innovation engine to develop a culture of entrepreneurship and create value to get ahead of the competition and disrupt the market.

What is Innocubes

Innocubes is a comprehensive full service proposition, offering corporates and public organizations a clear road into the world of tech innovation. We offer a range of unique services for corporates to kickstart their tech innovation engine and get to the best solution. From defining an innovation strategy to execution: we educate, build and validate, and we help you implement and integrate your Innocubes tech solution.

With Innocubes you become part of the YES!Delft ecosystem and benefit from close ties to the TU Delft and TNO, the innovative tech startups and our Innocubes team of dedicated professionals.

Some of our Clients


The partnership with YES!Delft brings BAM access to talent, new technologies as well as guidance and inspiration on our innovation journey. Its ecosystem and programs help us carry out our mission to build sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives

CÉLINE BENT, head of innovation at royal bam group

Innovation is literally a matter of life and death to the Ministry of Defence. In a rapidly changing world we need reliable partners - like YES!Delft - to help use notice innovative ideas and solutions. The Startups that YES!Delfts support, contribute to us with cutting edge innovations in a hands-on manner, as one we create impact by cooperation. Together we will make a difference for our country.



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